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French manuscript - (MS Bodley 264 - Bodleian Library, Oxford University: very LARGE thumbnail page) - shows, of course, the many alleged episodes during Alexander's journeys, but the whimsical marginal figures and stylised details of Medieval life mark the work out as a particularly superb example from the 'Romance' literature. For unknown reasons, the manuscript also includes a copy of the 'Travels of Marco Polo'. http://bibliodyssey.blogspot.com.es/2009/09/romance-of-alexander-great.html

"The heavenly Jerusalem", Commentary on the Apocalypse, in "Beatus de Liebana; 'Silos Apocalypse'", fol-208r, London British Library - Add. MS 11695, Northern Spain, c.1100

Santa María de Valbuena Spain

Santa María de Valbuena Spain

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