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“Though nothing can bring back the hour Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower - We will grieve NOT, rather find Strength in what remains behind."  ~ William WORDSWORTH ~

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Negativity is from not feeling, then not using that feeling to open to the lesson, it is an estrangement from your soul.

Yes. Don't need negativity....critical people make you appreciate the good people in your life!!!! Thank you all you good people you know who you are :)

I think this is the advice I give to my daughter the most. Be honest, assertive, try your best, and be nice.

Love Above All

It's one thing if you talk about something or doing something , but if you do it then you can't take it back.

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Yes to this. We just don't care to relive any bad memories you left him with. were ALL BAD! One sweet amazing young lady was the only good that came out of that union, can't call it a marriage that piece of paper meant as much as your actions, GARBAGE!