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GRACE POTTER - A1092003 - - Brooklyn Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 10/17/16**SECOND TIME ON LIST** A volunteer writes: There is just something about Grace Potter! She can be very bashful and nervous, but so, so sweet! She is quiet in her cage but has started doing a very subtle wiggle when I approach and sometimes even submissively lifts her paw (she’ll offer it for treats, too!). She wears her heart in her facial expressions and always seems to be taking everything i

Barrel Lifter by Frank S -- I used to make several barrel handler clamps for steel drums. they are pretty simple just need enough contact area around the rim to keep them from slipping then lift from the middle and off you go Plastic drums can be carried the same way but you should have a lot more contact area. Here is what I came up with I really do need to take the time someday to make a froge the bits fit together ready for welding Works perfectly even on a drum with the head...

I'm sorry Bucky, but... so true<<<That's because he has spider sense. And he also complimented Bucky's metal arm so that may have shocked him a bit...

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Daily Motivation

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The No-Squat, No-Lunge Butt Workout

bubble butt <3. I did all three of these today....I should have a bubble butt by tomorrow, right?

-5280: stikr4u: Do you even lift bro?! Our winter-themed stickers are perfect for those who enjoy the snow! Check it out, www.stikr4u.bigc...

20 Effective Crossfit Workouts To Tone Your Body

20 Effective Crossfit Workouts To Tone Your Body #cloudflowers #youngamericans #survive #newyork #labyrinth #Hipster # festival #rave #crossfitgirls #health


Alfred Has Had It

funny-Batman-Bruce-Wayne-Alfred-burn || I cannot express how much I love Alfred!