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A poem about our problematic child Kaneki Ken

August~-------> So I'm October. I am slightly concerned now....

I DON'T SHIP IT but this is really pretty. (I'm more of a hidekane girl :) )

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken

They grew up different, even though kaneki was abused my his mother he only became a hard ass after he became a ghoul, what's up?

I shall marry this cosplayer. This cosplayer shall be my husband. I shall be this cosplayer's wife. Marry this cosplayer forever.<<<What if it's a girl.......? IDK ABOUT YOU BUT I'LL STILL TRY TO MARRY HER!-Ao

I like how the mask isn't on the face but instead rests around the neck. It's iconic enough to represent Kaneki but it's unique to the genderbend. That's just my opinion.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A ~ I hate chasing people that don't really want to spend time with me... So I won't do that.