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sp1rit: I’ve been wanting to take pictures of my crystals for so long, I’ve finally taken a good photo to share with you all

Ive always found this one of the more troubling pictures of Bobby. Apparently this was taken outside of the Capitol where his brother, President Kennedy, was lying in repose for public viewing.

The Haunted Pillar of Augusta, Georgia. I've taken pictures standing next to it, but I would never touch it.

Window in Arles, France. | I've seen this exact window, and even taken my own pictures of it! (I should pin those instead!) SPECIAL!

It’s amazing what you can learn from reading comments. This picture was taken in Baton Rouge, Louisiana during the flooding of August 2016. There are a few car enthusiasts living in the area. The guy who played the Scooby-Doo voice, Scott Ennis, lives there, and the van was something that was done for a charity. I’ve never watched Supernatural, but I got the joke from this comment: I just imagined Sam and Dean AND Scooby and Shaggy looking at each other and going WTF!