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#Disgustingthingsppldo 16 Astonishing Photos Of Evil People Taken When They Were Kids I refuse to believe Osama was the one who orchestrated 9/11 though. Someone was eyeing gold in the World Trade Center building and not long after that, Israel prospered.

War criminal Ante Pavelić was a Croatian fascist leader and politician who led the Ustaše movement and who during World War II ruled the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), a puppet state of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany in part of the occupied Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The brutal regime he led was responsible for genocidal persecution of Serbs, Jews and Roma living in the NDH,including mass murdering several hundred thousand Serbs,and tens of thousands of Jews as well as Roma.

Hungarian Revolution, 1956 photograph by Sandor Acs. The writing on the statue of Stalin translates as “The Murderer of 25 Million People”. Photo, sapira, sorrow, history.

Hauptsturmfuhrer Günther Eberhard Dieter Wisliceny was a right hand man to Adolf Eichman, chief administrative architect of the slaughter of European Jews. A theology student in his younger days, Dieter became the hot pursuer of the Jews in Slovakia, Hungary and Greece. After the war, Wisliceny provided key evidence against Eichmann that was used in the 1960s against the latter during his trial in Israel. Wisliceny was tried and hanged in Czechoslovakia in 1948.