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hahah this is what is going on in my life right now :)))

One of the hard parts about being ambitious is fighting the feeling of never being good enough, perfect enough or successful enough. But everyday that you wake up and fight for your dreams, you are proving you are enough. You are enough when you are failing and you are enough when you are soaring high. The point is the belief you have in yourself is not misplaced. You were crafted perfectly and you are enough! Wake up every morning and remind yourself of that.

Yes..and i fucking hate this. Hate it with a passion. Once i feel the detachment begin..its soo hard to stop it or repair it. Usually just end up walking away.

from TodaysMama

Quotes for Gratitude - Day 1

I did not cling, and so the loss felt is minimal. To that which I have clung, the loss felt is still great.