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Alphabet Charms. A-Z Great for crafting and beading.

Freighters sail on the Great Lakes - Port Huron, Michigan. We used to swim at Lighthouse Beach and wait for freighters to go by......then jump and play in the waves and wake they created! :)

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot always makes me nostalgic.

Edmund Fitzgerald Anchor. It was salvaged and is now on display at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum.

Michigan has the longest freshwater coastline of any political subdivision in the world, being bounded by four of the five Great Lakes, plus Lake Saint Clair. MI has 64,980 inland lakes and ponds. A person in the state is never more than six miles from a natural water source or more than 85 miles from a Great Lakes shoreline. Michigan is the only state to consist of two peninsulas.

Shipwreck Museum, Lake Superior, MI: SS Edmund Fitzgerald, November 10, 1975. Sank without a single call for help in 530 feet of water 17 Miles from shore. So sad. In thousands of shipwrecks, it is second behind Titanic in legend. The mystery as to why it sank..did she founder or strike bottom on the shoels before she one can agree. All 29 souls on board perished.

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A small town on a Great Lake: Vermilion,Ohio - Cleveland Architecture |

A WWII-era fighter plane is brought to land from Lake Michigan at Waukegan Harbor in Waukegan, Ill. A group of undersea treasure hunters and Great Lakes salvage experts have retrieved the plane 60-plus years after it fell off a training aircraft carrier and into the water some 50 miles off shore from Chicago. The plane will be restored and displayed at the WWII Museum in New Orleans. / USA Today. 24 Apr. 2009.