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I finally found you a shirt Ashlynn...this one is perfect...we can wear this all the time...

Parents of 13-Year-Old YouTuber Caleb Logan Bratayley Issue Statement About His Cause of Death - Seventeen.com

Death, divorce, severe illness, abuse, natural disasters ... children are hurting and wondering, "Why?" Designed to help children troubled by natural disasters, national crises and personal problems, the Do You Wonder Why? booklet helps children understand the effects of sin, the depths of God's love and how they can know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and friend. www.cefonline.com/doyouwonderwhy

Katie Uffens 16-year-old San Diego Cheerleader left Westview High School in earlier 2012 for reapeatedly being bullied, even after she dropped out.

“Jesse Irvin Overholtzer was the ‘unobtrusive little farmer’ who staked all on the premise—revolutionary in his day—that little children could be taught basic doctrines of the Scriptures and be won for Jesus Christ.”So begins The Indomitable Mr. O, the compelling book by Norman Rohrer about how God used J. Irvin Overholtzer to found Child Evangelism Fellowship, the world’s largest evangelistic outreach to children.

Non fiction - why it is important for children to be raised with a strong biblical worldview

Shout Children's Ministry Worship Video http://www.childrens-ministry-deals.com/products/shout-worship-video

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