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A baby miniature horse named Oberon happily rolls around in his stall at the Little Hooves stable in Montesano, Washington after noticing that a fresh layer of bedding had been placed on the ground...

The Cutest Thing Happened During A Horse Show. I Can’t Stop Laughing! | PetFlow Blog - The most interesting news for pet parents around the world.

Video: Baby Miniature Horse Does Reining Pattern....Kind of.............. This is such a HOOT !!!!!!

This will just make you laugh out loud! You would think it would be easy to catch her...watch and see! Youtube / GenerationKnit's channel ~ she's 'like' heck with getting led around on a rope!

Baby Miniature Horse Keeps Chasing The Cameraman. This Is So Adorable - http://zogdaily.com/baby-miniature-horse-keeps-chasing-cameraman-adorable/

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