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We think all moms should be called Jolie Mama!

Canaille- You say it like 'Kuh-Nie'. =D "That's Canaille!" If Mema and Papa said it once, they said it a million times to me growing up! And I was forever up a tree or telling jokes or wrecking my go-cart. Now, my boys hear about how canaille they are! This saying is one we all love and use to talk about people-especially kids-who are lovable and usually up to something that's going to get them in trouble. Y'all know at least one person who you could say 'That's canaille!' about!!

Wear the Sha Baby and get complimented all day long! It's a super soft, super comfortable Bella fitted long sleeved tee. Perfect for anyone who's sweet!

Sometimes you just gotta say Mais la!

HUDdle Up- back

If it's not one thing, it's another and if y'all are fans of the Black & Gold, you know you can say Qui Ca but ya better not say ANY of DAT! So, we passed our thinking caps cross our heads and thought about what we do when we watch the game...we pray-hard, hard! Voila: La Sainte Maison!

Cajun Couture tank

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