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Darwin’s first sketch of the tree of life from one origin. Note the cross-bars for extinction — and that change is not conceived with some direction-as-progress. And notice Darwin’s simple words introducing the sketch, “I think…”

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Starting the new year with a new project - evolution

Evolution is fact... Creationism is denial of the facts! I'm guessing people such as yourselves never go to the Smithsonian or any such place. You may have to learn something other than what your bible tells you. Kind of like you insane bible thumpers went after me in that fucking apartment!

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Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia The only city in Australia that was bombed in WWII and is famous for its hundreds of thousands of saltwater crocodiles. So many, in fact, that no one, here, swims in the ocean! Beautiful and very different city, though!

There are no "races." Human traits are mixed throughout the world. We all share the same genes and DNA. Why exclude "black" traits from the world's history, media, books, etcetera? When have you ever seen a black Asian, for example, in a children's picture book? They separate it into 2 mutually exclusive categories (e.g. black or Asian) when reality doesn't reflect that. Mexico not only has Indigenous and Spaniard people, but also black people. There's no superior "race" and Darwinism is…