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❀❀❀ I wish to dance in a field of daisies. Just forget everything and just be there, being me ❀❀❀ #LYD #Sportsgirl

Ruby Zoisite is known to help make a powerful connection between a person’s core, inner self and meaningful, and unseen things in the everyday world that might otherwise go unnoticed. Throughout the ages, different cultures have used Ruby Zoisite to enhance psychic abilities or to make contact with a spirit guide. When placed on the Crown chakra, Ruby Zoisite can increase one’s receptiveness to spirituality by opening the body’s own energy field.

Bhuta Shuddhi an Esoteric Tantric Practice

In this long-awaited book by chakra expert, Anodea Judith, you will learn how to use yoga's principles and practices to awaken the subtle body of energy and connect with your highest source. Using seven vital keys to unlock your inner temple, you will be guided through practices that open and activate each chakra through postures, bioenergetic exercises, breathing practices, mantras, guided meditation, and yoga philosophy.

Unified Field Meditation courtesy of Many thanks & blessings to our friends at Council of One. You can download the audio and printed versions of the galactic version of the Unified Field Meditation. go to: The act of meditation is the best way to get plugged in and turn...

Are your Chakras in balance? How do you know? You can try our free online Chakra Balance test, then click on the links for more information about each Chakra. Our website has very effective Chakra sound and color healing audios and videos, we also have information about different foods, colors and gemstones that can help to keep your Chakras in balance!