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Artist FILFURY has created a new series of pieces designed using sneakers. The series includes a goat skull, cow skull, question mark, butterflies, beetles and human skulls, all designed using digitally manipulated pieces from classic shoes. The models used for this series include the adidas Originals Superstar, the Air Jordan 4 Retro, and the Reebok Shaq Attack.

Helen Altman's Creepy Skull Sculptures are Made from Grains, Herbs and Spices

A variety of colorful elements are transformed into “bone.” Dried green bamboo strips are twisted and folded into eye sockets. Fennel seeds group together, resembling a skull crawling with flesh hungry bugs. Dark poppy seeds create a skull that as a 1

Skullis Skulls request for Zoerussle Skulls in order of apperence: Black Obsidian with Opal Teeth Mookaite Jasper Dragon Blood Jasper STUNNING Ocean Jasper DRAGON Skull. Septarian Stone Blue Flash...