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white lace canopy with a matching border framing the top on two sides. Size is 4' x 5'. Names and date may be embroidered on the lace canopy too!

Imagine this: book cases lined up: use the center space for double or triple hung items, shelves for folded onesies, baskets of booties, baby shower gift things, add an awning and Voila! A "Grandparents' Corner" in your consignment, resale or thrift shop!

Market Stall: Brightly colored awning invites shoppers to browse and buy from the 6 x-Size Cubbies displaying today’s wares at the preschool level. A wide counter encourages trades and commerce. ABS snap-together plastic components easily assemble with tool provided.

Picture a street lined with lots of little shops with these awnings and that touch of cozy, homey personality. Makes you want to window shop, right?

The star of Aggie's Paris Pretend Play birthday party were 3 pretend play stands that I worked with the amazing Jaime of That's My Letter to create. Unlike the patisserie stand which was rather simple, the Dress Up Boutique was taken to a whole new level by Jaime's design. Not only did it house and display dress up costumes and accessories but it had lots of charm with a scalloped awning and mullioned window. I just loved it! eFurnitureMart

Rapha recently commissioned a "Mobile Cycle Club" - a converted truck outfitted with the latest technology. The design features a retractable awning and 60" flatscreen for viewing races via satellite, as well as glass cases to display Rapha's products and matching benches for extended coffee breaks. Impressive.

Searching for the perfect table numbers? Look no further than your front door -- and those of your neighbors. Snap digital photos of house numbers, as well as those on awnings and signs.