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from Better Homes and Gardens

Choose the Top Hydrangeas for Your Garden

Find out which hydrangeas are the best bets for your yard.

Water plants well in fall... To support plants through this season of transition, make sure they get adequate water until the ground freezes. This is especially important if the summer season has been hot and dry, and for newly planted trees, shrubs and perennials.

from Garden Therapy

Check Out These Cool Characters! The Top Plants for Winter Garden Interest

Feel bummed when the flowerbeds slip into a deep slumber? Introduce some interesting characters into your garden for a few pops of color in an otherwise monochrome landscape. Garden Therapy shares her top 10 list of plants for your winter garden.

from Better Homes and Gardens

How to Kill Weeds Naturally

Keeping weeds under control is a repetitive but necessary task in the garden, much like mowing the lawn. Try these tips for killing weeds naturally./