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Explore Friends And Stalkers, Ashley and more! My friend Adryenn Ashley

I like how he's gone from "its not gonna happen" now he's friends with them and is now "we're never gonna tell you"

Hahah lol I do this literally ALL THE TIME! And if I'm not staring directly at someone then I'm either staring at a wall or the ground

Joey and Chandler <3 i want them defending me if an attacker comes!!

FT Highschool. It's like two best friends and one gay stalker. -HAHAHAHA this persons comment made me laugh so hard!!! X'D

At this point i would be grateful and ask their name, we would for sure be friends.

Truth lol. Seen it happen..nothing you can do but be nice, works for now anyways lol. Bless em'

Hey Leslie Schlomann....LOL!!!!Tell that bitch I said hey!! And tell all her other friends they can follow me to Hahahahaa stalker

Stalker bitch this is for you and your dumbass stalker friends who accidently send me a FB friend request. No wonder you all work with people with low IQ's...fucktards!