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Brown bears are so powerful and beautiful. I thought it was a black bear, search said brawn, not brown. Correction again, BROWN BEAR someone did a typing error...

There are days when I long for the extinction of the human race, so our betters can take over.

Baby cats always have the same cute look, if they come from big cats or normal house cats... it doesn't matter.

The thing is, this isn't just about you and your choices. It isn't like making a simple decision whether to listen to pop music or rock music. There are victims here. Living, breathing, feeling victims. For every non-vegan choice, someone was enslaved, exploited, and murdered. I am vegan because the animal holocaust insults my soul.One must only look into the eyes of another species to know that we are kin. We bleed, we breathe, we suffer, we love, we nurture our young.

'Brown bear cub behind the tree' - photo by Jari Peltomäki, via 500px; hiding behind the pine tree in Finnish forest

Wicca Teachings - The Celtic Animal Zodiac. The Celts honored the rhythms of Nature, and observed different flavors of their environment according to the season. Like our Native American kin, the full Moon in each month held a special personality. They had a Tree Zodiac, a Moon Zodiac and an Animal Zodiac. The Animal Zodiac is based on the animal that is most prominent within the season and the month of the persons birth. Below is a brief description of personality traits from the signs.