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Pocket Mirror (04) - 2.25 inch Neon Turquoise Blue Butterfly Pocket Mirror - Great Gift $4.25 thecraftstar, pocket mirror, butterfly mirror, blue butterfly

Cheap is not a Value Pinback Button - 1.5 inch $1.50 thecraftstar, cheap is not a value, blue pin, handmade pin, online shopping

Soft and Luxurious Grey Mix Cowl Scarf - Winter Wear - Men, Women and Teens $25.00 thecraftstar, winter scarf, warm scarf, grey cowl, grey scarf, handmade scarf, unique gift, holiday gift

Pink Creamsicle Cowl Scarf - Women's Crochet Fall and Winter Fashion $25.00 fall accessories, pink cowl, white cowl, handmade cowl, pink scarf, small business

Peach and pink scarf by Annesknits $25.00 thecraftstar, pink scarf, peach scarf, handmade scarf, online shopping, fall accessories