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Multiple Sclerosis-friendly recipes, Clementine or Lemon Cake. Can use equivalent weight of oranges or lemons instead of clementines.

Marshmallow Equivalents8 large marshmallows equal 1 cup of miniature marshmallows. 1 single large marshmallow equals 10 mini marshmallows.

Use These Tomato Recipe Equivalents in Cooking This handy chart shows tomato recipe equivalents for both fresh and canned tomatoes and answers the question, “How many tomatoes do I need for this recipe?” Measuring can be tricky. Knowing how many fresh tomatoes to use can mean the difference between wasting tomatoes and not using enough – or between a successful dish and a flop. Fresh tomato equivalents by approximate weight 1 small tomato 3-4 ounces 1 medium tomato 5-6 ounces 1 large…


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