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Mouse heart Logo design - Cute logo for children, child fashion, games, toys etc. Price $299.00

Foxliner Logo design - Great stylized fox. Beautifull logo for many different categories. Price $550.00

Fat Crusty Donkey Logo design - He is fat, he is crusty and above all he is donkey. What you need more than this for great funny brand.This logo can be used for wide range of categories. For example fashion, maybe cafe, or as character in entertainment and media categories. After all, the donkey was born for everything.If you need name can be change after purchase free of charge. Price $499.00

Colphin Logo design - Colofull logo with nice, light, cheerful colors combination. Name is combination of words color and dolphin. This logo can be used for many different type of business and categories: animal, fish and sea, nature, paint jobs, marine, entertainment, children, fashion and as brandmark for many other companies. Price $550.00

Bat Heart Logo design - Inspirative logo of bat in heart shape. Logo can be used for various type of business like dating sites, fashion, community, animals categories, jewelry, music and many others categories. Price $350.00

30 Awesome and Well Thought Crown Logo Designs

Art King Logo design - Logo represents stylized lion head with crown. Crown is made from pen. Logo is suitable for any art categories such is books, for writers, authors, bookstores, publishing house, printing house. Name and colors can be change free of charge. Price $400.00

Evilroll Logo design - Evilroll as new brand can be use for categories like entertainment, fashion brand, for web application and more Price $250.00

35 Cleverly Designed Logos You Will Love

Ace Tennis Academy Logo design - This unique logo is designed for tennis school, academy and everything connected with white sport.Font for logo is hand made.Tagline can be changed free of charge. Price $499.00

Sky Rocket House Logo design - Logo is combination of house and rocket. Logo can be used for many different categories related with real estate, housing, homes, cleaning services business. Price $400.00 #logo #design