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On behalf of Chester & the entire JSC team, we want to take the time to thank all the wonderful teachers out there. Happy Teacher's Appreciation Day/Week!

explorenasa When you hear the phrases “astronauts” and “NASA”, what pops into your mind? Sending a monkey into outer space? Dreaming as a child of rocketing into the stars? Famous figures like Neil Armstrong? A new film, “Hidden Figures,” will paint another picture in your brain: the black women who played important roles in NASA. Premiering today, January 13, 2017, the movie shares the true story of three African American women who, while living the 1960’s Jim Crow South, earned…

Despite the fevered reports rocketing around the Internet recently, NASA is not on the verge of developing a fuel-free, faster-than-light propulsion system, space agency officials stress. A team based at NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston reportedly tested a prototype engine system in a vacuum recently and determined that it produced a small amount of thrust. This news was disclosed on a NASASpaceflight.com forum earlier this year, and last week, it hit the broader Internet with a…

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I just love how our steam punk theme is fitting into the new site! JSC Lifestyle Management: Company Profile

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