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Interactive Ten Frames for Calendar or Centers

Looking for a fun, seasonal way to countdown the days of school on a tens frame? I've included 11 different design themes and color schemes so there's sure to be something to match your decor! Use the tens frames in your calendar area to count down the days of school while building number sense.

The Final Countdown - Creative Thinking to End the School Year

Are you already counting down the days to summer vacation? If so, I'm pretty sure you're going to LOVE this product! In this packet, students will count down the last 20 days of the school year through creative thinking questions each based on the number of school days left in the year. All of the questions have a summer theme and will really get your students thinking outside of the box!

100th Day of School Printables

100th Day of School Worksheets - 100 Days of School PDF This 40 page file full of worksheets for the 100th day of school celebrations will be ideal for grades 1-3. Make booklets for your students to work on leading up to the 100th day of school. Your file focuses mainly on Math worksheets and some writing. This booklet has been designed to help students celebrate the first 100 days of school. Students will reflect on the previous 100 days of school, learn number sense and facts $

Back to School with Officer Buckle and Gloria

Make learning school safety and rules FUN and engaging with these Officer Buckle and Gloria extension activities. Includes a paper bag school house craft!

Sums of Ten

The Queen of Ten is a fun way to introduce your students to sums of ten. This freebie is perfect for implementing the Queen into your number sense routines!

Back to School NO PREP Math and Literacy Packet (Kindergarten)

Back to School Survival Kit - Ideas for the Beginning of the School Year

Skip Counting to 100 Learning Center Games

Just in time for the 100th Day of School, these printable learning center games help students practice counting by twos, fives, and tens. Just prin...