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St. Patrick’s Day Secrets of Irish Whiskey

Scotch fans brace yourself: 2015 was the sixth year in a row that Irish whiskey outsold single malt in the United States. And last year, the gap between the two spirits was more than a million cases!

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Nitro Coffee

Stay Cool With Slushie Cocktails

Perfect for summer.

How Ernest Hemingway Taught the World to Drink

On Hemingway’s birthday, Philip Greene, who wrote the book on Papa and cocktails, argues that the famed author changed how we all drink.

Drink Up! The Case for Republicans and Democrats Boozing Together

Presidents like to booze it up too.

Happy National Tequila Day! Here’s How Climate Change Is Murdering Your Tequila

Another reason to stop climate change...

America’s Most Alcoholic Beers

America’s Most Alcoholic Beers

Big Black Voodoo Daddy Brewery: Voodoo Brewery Alcohol by Volume (%): 12.5

America’s Most Alcoholic Beers

Super Chicken Brewery: Grand Lake Brewing Company Alcohol by Volume (%): 11