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Behind the counter at the Arctic Coop store in Repulse Bay, Nunavut. These ivory pins and brooches are carved by Inuit residents from tusks of walrus and narwhale harvested for their meat and blubber. Some grey to tan-coloured caribou antler and black bowhead baleen in there too.

16 Male Celebs Who’ve Had The Worst Movie Hair Ever

I'm not sure what hair look Shia LaBeouf was going for at the "Lawless" premiere at Cannes this past weekend. It looks like he had one of those Brazilian

Why we need feminism and need to be rid of religious cults. <-- Ray seems really invested in the idea that women should hold men above God. Anyone else find that bizarre and arrogant?

What guys shouldn’t wear (21 photos)

Re:Pulse Android App - , RePulse is a cool and fun way to create your custom apparel. Design your clothes with easy and powerful editing tools. Get it printed, sewed and shipped wherever you are. It takes no time at all to make powerful graphics: the chosen style is only one of infinite possibilities offered. You won’t receive a normal garment, but the result of your creativity totally handmade by us.KEY FEATURES:- Different models for woman, men and kids (tees, tanks, dresses…

In Ethiopia, some women insert discs made of wood or clay into a pierced hole in either one or both of their lips. These discs stretch the lips. This is often combined with the excision of the two lower front teeth, and sometimes even with the excision of all four front teach. Ouch!