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Octagon Sai - 18" by Tiger Claw. $49.99. These sai are demonstration tools used by Japanese Martial Artists with round steel handle and pointed steel staff. Sold as a pair. Please recognize that sizing of the sai's may vary

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swords. Los orígenes de esta espada samurai se remontan unos 1300 años atrás. No solamente ha sido considerada una espada de alta calidad, de gran dureza y a su vez flexibilidad que permite ser forjada con esa característica forma curva, sino también dentro de su creación se tomó en cuenta el aspecto estético y que actualmente se puede dar una referencia a los cuchillos modernos hechos con acero y otros más ecologicos hechos con bambú.

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Kunai is an ancient Japanese gardening tool, like a trowel. Only the tip is sharpened. Better for stabbing or thrusting, but can be used as a throwing weapon.

Japanese Naginata: Basically, it's a massive Knife of a Stick! This style was originally designed to disembowel horses in cases of mounted calvary assault. Longer versions were the primary weapon of female samurai!

shuriken and the kunai!(✧ω✧)/ ♥ ♥