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Incorrect poses are common. In some cases, it's because the rabbit or the handler is inexperienced. In this case, the rabbit is often "overposed," or sitting too high. This is displayed in the photos of the broken blacks. You can see that the front toes are correctly placed, but the back toes are scrunched up ahead of the hips. They are pushed up right behind the front feet, more closely in line with the shoulder of each animal.

The Holland Lop is the result of cross breeding by Adriann de Cock, of Tilburg, Netherlands. A French Lop & Dwarf enthusiast, he understood the French Lop’s size (15 lbs) was a hindrance to its popularity & felt its sweet disposition might be preserved if crossed with the Netherlands Dwarf (2 lbs). A doe with upright ears from this litter was bred to an English Lop buck. In 1964, the Holland Lop was recognized by the Netherlands' Governing Rabbit Council & a standard of perfection was…

Identifying Coat Colors and Associated Genetic Information This section organizes photos by Holland Lop ARBA Color Group. Adult color photos in a MATRIX format can be seen HERE. Check it out!