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A keikel, Karakalpakstan. It resembles a Turkoman tumar, but is different. It has, horizontally, a tube (also found in the tumar) which is constructed as a kind of long box, with lid, to contain verses from the Koran. Those would protect the wearer. Karakalpak jewellery is scarce, and often of high quality, so is much collected. This is a fine example, from Linda Pastorino, who is keeping it in her private collection. The workmanship and the design are outstanding, and the condition is fine.

Very rare chapraz tchanga design , early execution , silver gilt with carnelian ealry to mid 19th c (x collection Linda Pastorino, archives sold Singkiang)

Turkoman in Kazakh style bracelets glass windows with thick gilt surface. These were made during the time when Kazakh lived with Turkoman , Uzbek in Afghanistan from the early to the mid 20th c and designs were blended , but this pair dates prior to the newer types found on the market) done in the 60's to present as often seen characterized as Kazakh style (private collection Linda Pastorino)

Uzbekistan (probably made in Kiva or Bukhara). Silver-gilt, small turquoises, corals. Truus and Joost Daalder collection, purchased from Linda Pastorino. Beautifully designed, this is a headdress, which is attached to a very large structure worn on top of the head. The piece is decorated with great finesse and skill. The micro-mosaic pieces of turquoise set off the motifs very well. The tassels are exceptionally good both in design and - *very* exceptionally - in condition.

Pectoral Ornament with Openwork Design. Turkmen - Asia. Mid- 19th - mid- 20th century. Silver, silver-gilt, and carnelian.

Silver, coral, cornalines, Yemen Description This early 20th century collar in silver , coral and beautifull cornalines is a piece which pays really homage to the female throats because it is openwork on the skin , light and really very feminine. Each Yemeni family has her own design for the silver main elements . Weight:233,9gr Lenght:17,71inch

This is a very typical Uzbeki piece from the 19th century which is wellknown to those of us who like jewellery from Uzbekistan as it is found comparatively easily on the internet, published in the magazine Sanat. The image is of poor quality, but the piece is certainly worth looking at even so.

A large Timurid Jade Talismantic pendant from 15th- to 16th Century Persia is light green jade witha cusped petal border. It was bought by the great-great-great grandfather of the present owner who travelled frequently to the Middle East.