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Being stupid rocks Had to share this lil edit I made as a joke for my friends who say I keep pasting planes everywhere. I say "frogs are boring without a good story to tell" ;) by insta4gram

i realy like this maniupulative image. It shows a teransformation the technique could be used in many different places and contexts.

22 Times Ariana Grande Was Actually Pretty Damn Surprising

Like, really. Come on now. | 22 Times Ariana Grande Was Actually Pretty Damn Surprising

#J1filtrs / paid filter❕ this looks really nice on pictures with skin tones (you might have to adjust the settings a lil bit tho) and with lots of black in them — sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days but I start school on monday so im just trying to enjoy this last week of break, hah

Pick Two Instagram New pick two edit qotp

#freefilters [REQUESTS] ··· Hey guys sorry for not posting,so here a dark warm filter that really best with everything for me I will match it with some warm tones in the pics.For the tint +1 you can add it if you want or not but the tint will make your faces or skin tone look a lil pink and not too warm that looking so sick.Avoid colour that didn't match#vogufilter . ··· Theming 9.5/10 ···

Daily Disney life. Personal photos of clothes, decor, parks, and art, as well as edited stills/vintage photos. iPhone 6

KELSEY FLOYD on Instagram: “ Extensions ≫ 24" platinum blonde. Use my code: "FoxyKelsey" for a free gift at checkout #foxylocks New YouTube video is up! I'm talking about all the products I use, as well as my hair color, what I use to edit my photos, and my spine tattoo. Link in my bio”

Brandy ♥ Melville | Erica Alien Patch Sweatshirt - Graphics