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QED 24 - Matter waves The equilateral geometry behind deBroglie Matter waves as derived from Tetryonics [the Charged geometry of EM mass-ENERGY-Matter]. Many of the material wave-particle properties of Matter: De Broglie Waves, Compton frequencies, Matter waves are explained for the first time using Tetryonic geometries The revelation of the true geometry behind quantum probabilities in EM waves and Matter is revealed.

Tetryonics 37.04 - Tetryonic spectral geometries & the Photoelectric Effect [revealing the equilateral geometry of mass-ENERGY-Matter in elements]

QED 40 - The Coupling Constants Explaining Lorentz corrections, Charge, permanent magnets and electromotive forces the quantum electrodynamic properties previously explained with SR can be corrected. The source of Charge along with the application of SR to Matter is corrected with a clear concise distinction between EM mass & Matter; and the universal coupling constant (alpha) is revealed as a geometric property of Q[A]M that forms the geometry of all constants.

QED 23 - Electrical Forces The equilateral geometry creating the Electrical Forces as derived from Tetryonics [the Charged geometry of EM mass-ENERGY-Matter]. The ElectroMagnetic forces resulting from geometric Energy in a conductor. The twenty-third chapter in the release of Tetryonics - The Charged geometry of EM mass-ENERGY-Matter it serves as an introduction to Quantum Electro Dynamics and electrical energy in the new millennia.

Tetryonics 40.07 -The moving Magnet problem when analysed using tetryonic geometries reveals a whole new geometric interpretation of the energies of Matter in motion - and offers startling new corrections to the foundational postulates of relativity theory