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Explore Core Speaking, Speaking Listening and more!

Book Character Day (Script and Report)

Common Core Speaking, Listening, and ELA standards addressed. Students will complete this graphic organizer about a character from their favorite b...

Reading Choice Boards Aligned to the Common Core Literacy and Informational Standards. These choice boards are great for reader's response, reading centers, daily five, and more.

Grade 6 Common Core Assessments: Inferences and Text Evidence RI.6.1

This document contains an informational text passage plus assessments in two different formats for assessing student understanding. This assessment focuses on inferences and text evidence which is Common Core Standard RI.6.1. Choose from using the multiple choice or written response formats in this document.$

Freebie! This resource includes common core interactive notebook reading lessons, printable student pages, graphic organizers, a reflection on learning printable, and explanations for the lessons!

Standards Tracking Sheets (3rd Grade Social Studies) Common Core

Common Core Standards Tracking sheets may be used to keep a record of student mastery for Social Studies. There are lines for up to 30 students....

180 Daily Middle School Word Problems

Start a Problem of the Day program in your school with 180 daily middle school common core aligned word problems! Includes problems in printable form as well as powerpoint form! $12

Point of View Task Cards (RL3.6 and RI3.6)

In this pack you will find a point of view poster and 12 task cards for Common Core standards RL 3.6 and RI 3.6. Task cards are half a page in size and each includes a short passage and a question. Multiply student recording sheets are also included.Standards covered:RL 3.6 Distinguish their own point of view from that of the narrator or those of the charactersRI 3.6 Distinguish their own point of view from that of the author of the text.

Use these FREE question stems to help your students make inferences, and cite evidence, about the character's personalities in their independent reading books. Can be used on sticky notes for students to mark during reading. Can be used as written reading responses in reader's notebooks after reading.

This reading log is a place for students to record and reflect on what they've read. The questions are intended to inspire students to think while they read, yet they are quick and easy to complete. (So they can spend more time thinking and reading!) $2