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Ferns, black mondo grass, and the hakonecloa (Japanese forest grass) make great plantings at the base of rainchains - they'll thrive with the added moisture! And the river stones will help prevent muddy splashes - as well as (w/ some grade management) disburse any rainwater that might pool there... All this while enhancing the near-by patio! What a well-planned design!

Moss mounds and decorative pebble waterfall in a traditional Japanese garden in Satoyama Life - Artisan Garden

White Phalaenopsis Orchids are found in the Rain-forests of South America and grow off the base of trees like a weed. To us they are beauty to be the trees they creep up, they are poison.....x

The Nano Garden Lets You Grow Veggies Right in Your Kitchen

A vegetable garden that doesn't require sunshine or rain? Definitely a gardening gadget straight from The Jetsons.