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Skeleton? I see exoskeleton. Special edition. 3D printed technology! The polyamide 3D printing materialplotic. #icberlinbymyvision #icberlin #icberlinlover #icberlinsunglasses #eyewear #iseeexosketon #polyamide #3dprinting #specialseries #special edition #damansara #oneutama #ralphanderl by icberlin_by_myvision

Islet | White Sectional, Neckpiece, 2010-2012, Glass filled nylon & Sterling Silver printed as one interlocked piece, 18 x 18 x 1.5 in. Doug Bucci

A ring as a sculpture which visualizes the love and connection of the 2 lovers for eternity. Made out of 3d printed Laser Sintered Polyamide. By Studio Mango for Freedom of creation.


Green metanet

A Japanese design lab 'Monocircus', that create accessories and home wear using 3-D Printing, they produced many wearable objects including this bow tie, made from polyamide plastic. It doesn't need to be tied and can be slotted onto the top button of a shirt. The sell their items online, so they are available to anyone.

The Hedhog insulation cup, made out of 3D printed Polyamide. The inner cup is the container to hold the liquid, the outer cup is former trough pins, creating a skin of air between your hot drink and your hands. The pins get smaller at the top of the cup towards the rim so you can feel with your lips whether the drink is too hot or not!