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Comion Bracelet - Made using cutting edge 3D printing technology, carefull structured to cause maximum impact with minimum material resulting in a striking, yet, very affordable item - Gonçalo Campos Studio

3D printed bracelet by David Bizer holds up pearls (or beads) at whichever spot you want. No money to for pearls? It looks nice without them as well.

Leaves Around bracelet Peggy Bannenberg-NL - nylon "...Peggy really has several different, seemingly unrelated bodies of work, all of which were displayed at Sieraad. While they may not have made a cohesive show for one booth, they are all related by the maker and her inherent interest in each subject. There were works in Nylon-based, 3-D printed jewelry, enameled jewelry and eggshell jewelry. All of which were excellently executed and well presented."fom Crafhaus Callie Shevlin

from Etsy

Interstice bracelet (3D printed nylon)

Love these nature-inspired jewelry pieces from @etsy's NervousSystem Reasonable, too. This $75 is one of the more expensive pieces. Rings, earrings and necklaces in the $ 20-$ 30 range