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Strobel Design Build. This transitional kitchen with a mid-century feel proves that kitchens don't have to be expansive to be stunning!

This is soo beautiful. I love this. Literally almost cried it was so amazing. Pinning this to every board

Quotes and Sayings That Excite the Spirit

They say the human body replaces all of it's cells in just over a year's time. If that's so, then why do we continue to have the same diseases? Have we created a blueprint that includes these things? Then we need to change them! Apparently, we can!

And we thought we were already in for a wild ride. Now were in for a ride on a rabid black bear on a roller coaster through the eye of a tornado.// oh. okay then. got something you wanna talk about there buddy? :o

#The100 2x06 "Fog of War" - Murphy and Clarke. I love that in this scene Clarke is asserting her power. Like she may by technically be in charge at Camp Jaha but she's still a leader.