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Buzzing with Ms. B: Setting Goals as an Instructional Coach. Tips for setting realistic and useful goals for coaching. Part One of the Start-Up Guide Series

Setting goals as an instructional coach is so important - it helps you focus your time throughout the year! Read my tips for goal setting. Buzzing with Ms. B

A blog series created speciifcally for instructional coaches! Start the year right with these five helpful posts about setting goals, getting your space ready, creating a year-long coaching plan, planning some awesome training, and getting organized. Buzzing with Ms. B

One of the things you'll want to do right away as a new instructional coach is to set up your room! Read about the way I've organized the spaces in my room and what they're used for in my daily coaching.

Getting started as an instructional coach? Check out my new ebook: The Start-Up Guide to Instructional Coaching, and learn about your first year as a coach and how to make a difference at your school!

A post all about how I set up my room for literacy coaching. Includes spaces for working with teachers and students, and lots of organized materials and resources.