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from Joy Pursued

What God Wants Us to Wear

Have you ever thought about asking God to clothe you each day? This post challenges you to pray every morning for God to clothe you in his way, and find out what a difference it can make in your life. Click through to read the whole post and join the challenge.

For the past few years, I have participated in the yearly Bible reading. I find it to be SO fulfilling and rewarding -- and every year I learn more and more about God's Word than I could ever imagi...

from Singing through the Rain

How to Teach Your Toddler About God

How do you show someone who can’t even talk yet, the wonders of God? How do you teach them all about Salvation? How to you incorporate God into their everyday life? Where do you start? Being a parent is tough, and having the job of a teacher can be challenging at times. Here are a few things I’ve learned to do along the way when it comes to teaching my son about God.

I die. This scene gets me every time, for it is Harry who is now sending off his own children to have adventures at Hogwarts, while he and I stay behind for his story is now over. Thank you, Harry.


Light Hearts and Deep Thoughts

This seriously has to be THE best thing I have ever read! No excuses anymore, gods understanding and love is always with us!

The part following is not of my reading. I dgaf about you and could careless what you think of me but I will not have lies told about me. Read it again. I said the following is not of my writing but there are others out there that have the same probs with rotten sisters like I do. Fuk are you and idiot or what??? ....If my sister cared enough about me to read this, would she care about what this says and how it makes me feel? Every part in my being says,"no." But....I hold onto a hope. How…

from ChristiansTT


As I meditate on Your Word, Father, I intercede for all the members of my family while looking to You for strength and encouragement.

from BuzzFeed

37 Books With Plot Twists That Will Blow Your Mind

Whaaaaaaat?! Better than hone girl and girl on a train by a mile. Not one twist but two that leaves shocked, a book you have to read all of to understand if you can make it past the slow start to the first twist it will become a book impossible to put down

from Social Hermit

Prayer Before You Read The Bible

A prayer before you read the bible | It's important to invite the Holy Spirit into your quiet time with the Lord and have HIm direct your study time.