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Saved you a spot bae. Bandana by: @roverboutique by littleenzo_the_frenchie

@Cameron Dallas™ .. (My husband) ..omg during the photo shoot video was anyone else like why would you pick up the crab thingy....I know we were all like oh my damn lookin at him ..and that smile tho xD but I was like ha no I wouldn't be touchin them crabs xD

5 seconds of summer. calum hood. michael clifford. ashton irwin. luke hemmings

I wonder what kinda shampoo he, strawberry, ocean breeze, axe, old spice, coconut

ashton being ashton>>> I looks like a flew for a moment there...ASHTON'S A SUPERHERO!! O.O

Omg his eyes >>>> they're like the most beautiful shade of..... whatever you call those masses of melt my heart <3

grafika cameron dallas, boy, and cameron

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Shawn Mendes on

Shawn Mendes- Um I'm so sorry for saying this but Shawn can't pull off a bandana like Taylor. Well nobody can but um...