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Complete Probiotics by Dr. Mercola contains 70 billion live cells from 10 strains to support intestinal flora and optimal gut health. Order online.

BREAST HEALTH------so important for all of us women! And so good to know that in our arsenal of oils, we have many that are of great benefit for our breast tissues. I read several months back about a gal who was a breast cancer survivor using Frankincense and Orange EO's to anoint her breasts daily-----both oils are anti-tumoral.

Please check out my new site,! Are you looking for deep, restful sleep? Cedarwood essential oil from Young Living is a safe and effective alternative to sleep meds which can harm your body! Cedarwood has no side effects, and you'll wake up feeling refreshed and well rested!

PLEASE SHARE this with a friend or family member who suffers with depression...Top 7 Cannabis Strains used for Natural Relief from Depression Symptoms...

Young Living's Citronella. Insect deterrent, prevent food spoilage, refreshing, uplifting, supports skin health, antispasmodic. #essentialoils #undertwentydollars #heartfelthullabaloo