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Complete Probiotics by Dr. Mercola contains 70 billion live cells from 10 strains to support intestinal flora and optimal gut health. Order online.


Catching mental illness with your phone

We know our blood pressure number and our cholesterol number, so why not know our mental health number? Untreated mood disorders cost our healthcare system more than 70 billion a year.

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Probiotics for Health

When Choosing a Probiotic Supplement, It's Important To Know Which Strains You Want. This is a Quick Guide to Probiotic Strains and Their Important Health Benefits | Gut Health | Holistic | Natural Remedies |

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Pfizer walks away from $118 billion AstraZeneca takeover fight

LONDON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Pfizer abandoned its attempt to buy AstraZeneca for nearly 70 billion pounds ($118 billion) on Monday as a deadline approached without a last-minute change of heart by the British

Approximately 70 billion farm animals are reared for food in the world each year. - Compassion in World Farming


Heart Failure Price Tag to Rise to $70 Billion by 2030

Heart Failure Price Tag to Rise to $70 Billion by 2030 - Heart Health Center - Everyday Health

CALCIUM FACT SHEET - Ask any person, “why is milk good for you?” and they’ll tell you “it’s good for calcium”. This is a huge myth that has been fuelled by milk lobbyists and the dairy industry, an industry that is worth $70 billion in the U.S. alone. In reality there are a lot of risks associated with dairy consumption. The Harvard nurses health study which followed 85,000 nurses for 12 years found those that consumed animal protein had a higher risk of bone fracture because it has a high…

Complete Probiotics by Mercola - 60 capsules

Income Upshot | --- Plug in your annual household income & your zipcode, & find out typical info for your peers, e.g., pets, cars, homes... Interesting.