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12/21/2015 Erosion Betsiboka River Delta, Madagascar 15°48′55″S 46°16′13″E   Dramatic evidence of the catastrophic erosion in northwestern Madagascar is seen at the rapidly expanding Betsiboka River Delta. Deforestation of the country’s central highlands for cultivation and pastureland has resulted in the most significant erosion recorded anywhere in the world (approximately 112 tons/acre), which transforms the river to this vivid orange color.

from National Geographic News

Pictures: 10 Most Threatened Forest Hot Spots Named

An agitated Philippine eagle raises its head feathers in Mount Apo National Park in the Philippines.

Facts: The Moor Macaque (Macaca maura) is sometimes called dog-ape because of its dog-like muzzles, although they are no more closely related to apes than any other Old World monkey. The Moor Macaque inhabits only Sulawesi. Currently, the IUCN has categorized Macaca mauras as endangered. The Moor Macaque is endangered mostly due to habitat loss from an expanding human population and deforestation to increase agricultural land area. It is estimated that only 1000 Moor Macaques are left in…