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Cheetahs are on the run from extinction, but it’s the walk that’s killing them

21 Famous Quotes To Help You Rise (& Recover) From Failure

"She has been through hell. So believe me when I say, fear her when she looks into a fire and smiles." — Anonymous

Scientists agree on climate change, whether you believe it's a thing or not.

OMG I would run away crying and screaming for my mom

The Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.

75 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Get Through College - Page 2 of 3


they don't understand you because your Heart bleeds colors the world has never seen before ༺♡༻ A.R. Lucas

if autocorrect could stop changing luke to like that would be great

Thyroid & Heart Disease

Even while dying. I would totally give him head to make him feel better if he looked like this in front of me rn