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Fox Admits Libya Attack May Have Been Caused By Video [Geraldo Rivera]

Don't shoot yourself in the foot. Vote Obama. If you think he hasn't done well for you, you've been watching Fox news exclusively. Go check the stats and see- he's the best thing to happen to us since 8 years of Bush hell.

There's no reasoning with a FoxBot. Garbage in, garbage out.

from The New Yorker

Cliven Bundy’s Slavery Delusion

Cliven Bundy's Slavery Delusion

Fox News Black Santa Freak Out-One of Haddon Sundblom's Coca Cola ads.

The Shockingly Simple, Surprisingly Cost-Effective Way to End Homelessness | Mother Jones

In His First Appearance On Meet The Press Bernie Sanders Terrifies The Koch Brothers

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Cognitive researcher, philosopher, and political activist Noam Chomsky. Sound familiar???

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When Elizabeth Warren met girls during her campaign, she would kneel down and say, “My name is Elizabeth, and I’m running for United States Senate because that’s what girls do.” Then they would pinky promise to remember.