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LB4 power adapter cable for connecting CPS series power supplies with LB4 product. 2 foot length.

5 inch interconnect jumper for connecting LB4 series light bars and segments together. Can be cut in half to make 2 power jumpers. 11.4cm(4.5in) length.

Tin Flat Container 1oz w/ Cover Quantity Amount 1 to 287 $0.43 288 to 999 $0.36 1000 to 4999 $0.33 5000 to 10000 $0.31

Beacon Stiffen Stuff is a versatile stiffening spray allowing you to saturate fabric quickly and evenly so that you can control the degree of stiffness. It is perfect for stiffening most fabrics, bows, lace, doilies, silk flowers, crochet and ribbons. No messy dip and drip, dries fast and cleans up with water. Ideal for home decor projects and is non-toxic. 8 oz.

ECG J-045-DS 45 Watt Desoldering Iron ECG