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Collared Antshrike, male... Partner of previous pic...Christian Artuso: Birds, Wildlife: Peru: Part 2 - Dry Forests

This female Northern Slaty Antshrike was skulking in the thick shrubs and very difficult to get a good photo of… (the male is the "slaty" one)

This male Shumbae Antshrike of the dry Marañon Valley may look A LOT like the male Collared Antshrike above, but recent genetic studies suggest they should perhaps be treated as separate species. Can you spot the differences in plumage?

Rufous Gnateater (Conopophaga lineata) gnateaters are a bird family, Conopophagidae, consisting of 10 small  species  in 2 genera, which occur in South & Central America. The members of this family are very closely related to the antbirds and less closely to the antpittas and tapaculos. Due to their remote and dim habitat, gnateaters are a little-studied and poorly known family of birds, though they are often sought after by birdwatchers. phot por Thiago T. Silva