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When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree by the river of truth and tell the whole world "No, you move." I've always believed that all you need is one man to make a difference, to stand up when others are told to sit down, to speak loudly for those who have no voice and to fight the good fight. As long as freedom may be threatened, Captain America must follow his destiny wherever it may lead. #marvel

Marie LaveauMarie Laveau 1794?-1881 and 1827-1897. The most renowned voodoo queen in North America was actually a mother and daughter. Their appeal was their magical powers, control of one’s lovers and enemies, and sex. Marie I was a most powerful women who was told all the secrets by women and was able to use these to increase her powers. Marie II was feared more and inspired subservience

Bucky Barnes stealing a motorcycle a.k.a the sexual awakening of millions. Future partners need to understand I will never love them like I love Bucky Barnes and they will never be as satisfying as Bucky Barnes motorcycle magic in civil war okay boo?

If you are crazy-busy like me, then you need a place to go where you can a grip! How about creating your own portable prayer closet? Here's what mine is like - click to go to Prayer Journal | portable prayer journal | prayer closet