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The General's Notorious Widow by Stephen Bly ... one courageous lady's journey as she comes to recognize a divine providence at work in her life.

Throw The Devil Off The Train by Stephen Bly

Janet Chester Bly, widow of award-winning western author Stephen Bly. She is author of 31 fiction and nonfiction books, 19 co-authored with Stephen. Find out more at

Courage & Compromise, from Homestead Series, novel by Stephen Bly

When The Cowboys ComeToTown, cowboy poetry by western author Stephen Bly

Stuart Brannon's Final Shot by Stephen Bly (with Janet, Russell, Michael & Aaron Bly) in hardcover.

Author Janet Chester Bly and her three sons finishing award-winning wester author Stephen Bly's last novel, Stuart Brannon's Final Shot / Bly Books

The Mustang Breaker, from Horse Dreams Series, a novel by award-winning author Stephen Bly

The Outlaw's Twin Sister by Stephen Bly ... Her life was like a bad dream that kept getting worse...until she was awakened to a future of hope.

On A Western Trail blog, inspiration by authors Stephen Bly & Janet Chester Bly.