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Modify this and keep in my binder...use during writing conferences for kids on each different skill...

back to school: This is set up for 4th grade but can be used for beginning of the year discussions of expectations.

My older students love to experiment with bigger numbers. When 3 students play, one likes to use a white board to write down whatever math problem they are working on while the other two count out the beads. The children put the first set of counting items in the first cup, and the other child puts the second set in the second cup. They all fall through to the basket, and then they count them all up.

Goal Setting in the Classroom- love this. Students set goals they can measure. Teacher should set a goal and reflect on it too. Class can share and support each other in achieving goals. Love this!

I really like all of the spaces within this first grade classroom! Particularly, I like this area that takes up a large portion of the classroom. Whole group meeting areas are usually where instruction for the day begins and when students can share their accomplishments. I also love that this classroom displays the standards they are working on and how students can know when they are an "expert" on an objective.

Classroom: My whiteboard organization! I used black electric tape to grid my white board. I printed signs for Monday-Friday, weekly agenda, bellwork, today and objective on my computer, glued it to black paper and laminated them! Then taped them up! This helps to keep me and my students organized! :)

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Classroom Management Tool: Fill Up the Jar

This classroom management tool can be used in many different ways. Students can earn marbles throughout the day to earn different kinds of rewards. I have included 8 different marble amounts and 13 reward cards. Set a goal for how many marbles the class can earn. I like to give my students three options for their reward and the students can vote for what one they like best! Once you have reached your goal, start all over with a new marble amount and reward!

Desk arrangement all done! This is a great idea for classrooms that have desks.

Good classroom management checklist for teachers AND students to know. Go over at beginning of year and periodically throughout the year.