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Used to have tons of these in different colors

Used to have tons of these in different colors

Still wish I had one of these...

Snoopy Snow Cone Maker - I wanted one of these SOOO badly!

I really want some classic 80's leg warmers to work out in : )

I had these in purple, pink, black and cream colors with silver sparkles!

Kickball - played every single day!

Kickball - played every single day!

I wore socks like this minus the dork bow on my wedding day! I couldn't get my feet in my wedding shoes so I had to wear tennis shoes. Of course I went and found the girliest glitteryest pair of shoes they made in my size. Then the laces were  burgundy lace and these socks. It was a hot mess is what it was. I wore them the entire time on our honeymoon in WDW but haven't since. I think I will get our wedding box down and wear them for our vow renewal and 2nd honeymoon too. Fun fun!

23 Things You Used To Wear As A Kid Here are those frilly socks you wore to birthday parties.

Caboodles! I uh...still use mine. Seriously...every morning I sit on my bed, open it up and put my make-up on out of it. LOL

I had the one on the bottom and a mini one that was dark purple and neon pink.

Pogo Ball.....sad that none of us could actually do it....

Had the exact same Pogo Ball. Just about killed myself learning how to do it!

My most vivid memory of this is during the '65 East Coast Black Out. I was paddling against the ceiling. The lights went out and I thought I caused the Black Out ! LOL !

Fli-Back Paddle & Ball Sets~~~!no, it is called a "bolo bat fool!