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The Universe is always speaking to us ~ Sending us little messages ~ Causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop ~ To look around ~ To believe in something else ~ Something more ༺♡༻

Or what if we really didn't used to have these issue in the same mass quantities, because all of our food products now contain cancer causing, mental disease causing SUGAR that we can't escape.

Probably cause they're in pain. Same thing happens with physical.

sometimes adventure doesn't mean travelling, sometimes adventure means doing the things you always wanted to but never did cause you were too scared or didn't have enough time.

I get the other arguments about "morals" when it comes to abortion, because morals aren't just a religious matter, but yes. Separation of church and state isn't a hard thing to understand

such cowards, torturing a mentally disabled classmate for 48 hours, scum, nothing but scum

I definitely don't hate men but too many women are scared of things that are mostly caused by men

I have read that certain hertz of sound can cause auditory & visual hallucinations, makes me wonder if there is a link between this & 'damaged' brain cells in people w/ schizophrenia, since I've also read that blindness is in the mind/ neural pathways not the eyes...maybe a functioning MRI on a schizophrenic during an episode would reveal something

No honor no integrity!!!! This doesn't help your cause !!!! Horrible way to portray black leadership !!!!!!