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FN Black Box The FN Herstal Black Box acts as a weapon manager, storing information on shooting patterns, and thus increases weapon reliability.

40 Unique Places to Stash Firearms

Very nice to have! Protect your family, especially good for zombie apocalypse.

tacticalbadass: “from @mysurvivalgear…

I have to do this The idea that someone who is shot then becomes a raging gun advocate is the exception, not the rule. More

Rev Up Your Shooting Skills with IDPA - Survival Mom

Saving for the picture of the wooden target stand

waterbesparend én handig voor de plantjes

How to Cure Common Shooting Mistakes - Handguns

Multi Projectile Ammo. One .44 Caliber Round at 15 Feet EQUALS 5 Wounds in a 2 x 3 inch Grouping! Now that is bad ass!

none Loading that magazine is a pain! Excellent loader available for the Springfield Get your Magazine speedloader today!